(Narrative, Luxembourg, Subtitled)
When her mother dies, Julie discovers that her father is not her real father. Her family references are shaken and memories of her childhood are resurfacing.

The Peculiar Abilities of Mr. Mahler

(Narrative, Germany, Subtitled)
The special investigator Mahler is said to have paranormal abilities. The police assigns him to solve the case of a missing child.

The Amazing Anti-Fart Formula

(Narrative, United States)
A man with chronic flatulence attempts to cure his disorder with anti-fart pills in order to date the most attractive girl at the office.

That Smell

(Narrative, United States) An awkward man is pulled into the secretive and persecuted world of book sniffing by the underground movement’s leader.

Say the Sins

(Narrative, United States)
A young Catholic Priest hears his first confessional. The woman confessing has a strange obsession with Simon Cowell from American Idol.

sans réponse (Without Answer)

(Narrative, United States, Subtitled)
A young man moves back home to Sonoma after failing to “make it” in the Los Angeles film scene.

Poles Apart

(Narrative, Animated, United Kingdom)
In a harsh Arctic landscape, a hungry and solitary polar bear has to decide if a naïve grizzly bear is her food or her friend.


(Narrative, Subtitled, Spain)
Las Vegas. A hotel’s room. Two women. For Mrs. Taylor, the secret is to turn to those who are never sure if they are aware of their own evil.


(Narrative, Subtitled, Spain)
One hundred and sixteen seats on a crowded subway and a long distance to travel leads to a confrontation.


(Narrative, United States)
Seconds after the wedding, a bride is stunned to learn that her new husband fudged nearly everything about his past.