6:30pm FRIDAY, 9/28 — Opening Night Short Films

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(Narrative, United States) This unusual comedy takes us into the secretive and persecuted world of book sniffing. Nate is an awkward man who is pulled into the world by Trisha, the underground movement’s leader. She teaches him the ways of the book sniffer while avoiding the villainous shadow men hell bent on stopping them.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older


Director: Kyle Lavore

Kyle Lavore is a New York based film director and writer. He also takes an obscene amount of photos, travels to obscure lands, and eats about triple the national annual human consumption average of pizza, according to his doctor. A private institution gave him a degree in film and in return, he provided them with a lifetime of student debt. He then began his film career by getting Christopher Walken his tea and lighting Dakota Johnson’s cigarettes.

From there, he made several successful films including award winners, “Up A Hill”, “Muertie & Her Pets”, “That Smell”, and “The Family Robinson”. From this work, he has received honors such as a $30,000 Film Production Grant from The Jerome Foundation, SHOOT Magazine’s New Director, Project Greenlight’s Top 200, Producer’s Guild of America’s Make Your Mark Top 3 Winner, along with WeScreenplay and World Series of Screenwriting Finalists, to name a few.

That Smell – Official Trailer from Kyle Lavore on Vimeo.