9:30pm FRIDAY, 9/28 — “Night Gallery” Short Films

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(Narrative, United States) An origami obsessed nerd with chronic flatulence attempts to cure his disorder with anti-fart pills in order to date the hottest girl at the office. He ultimately discovers that being comfortable in his own skin is more important than trying to be someone he’s not.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older


Directors: Luke Pilgrim and Brad Kennedy

Georgia natives Luke Pilgrim and Brad Kennedy are Sozo Bear Films. As a directing team, they have produced three short films and a myriad of commercials and promotional films since their creative partnership began in 2014. In February of 2016, they took a major step and started their own production company, Sozo Bear Films, named after their cats. Within a month, they were producing films full time. The duo thrives in producing next-to-no budget shorts that have the look and feel of full length features. As filmmakers, Pilgrim and Kennedy have found their niche in science fiction. The pair has explored topics such as robots, outer space, and technology.