Grand Dragon

(Narrative, United States)
Maria gets her favorite toy stuck on the roof and must confront the sinister, sickly old man who lives upstairs to get it back.


(Narrative, United States)
A new kid shows up at the high school boys’ basketball tryouts and makes an impression while trying to keep a secret.

Curse Words

(Narrative, United Kingdom)
A father worries that his young innocent daughter may have learnt some curse words.


(Narrative, Hungary, Subtitled)
Two simultanous interpreters in the Hungarian booth during a conference realize that only one person is listening to them.

Arlo Alone

(Narrative, Canada)
A young woman comes to terms with her own loneliness in a futuristic world where in-person contact has become a rarity.


(Narrative, United States)
After suffering a devastating breakup, Ashton is living as a shut-in and plotting to win back his ex. His roommate has other plans.

Adnan’s Father

(Narrative, Denmark, Subtitled)
A refugee doctor from Syria has just received a Danish residence permit and is about to embark on establishing a new life in rural Denmark together with his son.