We’re Still Together

When Chris is attacked in the street, Bobby, a manic single dad, jumps in. The two set out into the Montreal night together crashing parties, meeting girls. Chris soon discovers that the underside to Bobby’s charm is a self-destructive streak.

She, the Sergeant Matacho

In 1948 partisan violence whips the Colombian countryside. A young woman, a mother of a two-year old child, witnesses the death of her husband, which leads her to become an instrument of revenge and death.

As If I’m Crazy

When a successful young artist is involuntarily committed, he is completely baffled as he doesn’t remember anything about what happened. Life in the psychiatric institute is violent and absurd, but step by step, he tries to come to grips with himself again.

What Children Do

A comedy about two estranged sisters who are thrust back into each other’s lives by the impending death of their grandmother and forced to try to repair their feral relationship.

Across the River

First loves, reunited after many years, must choose whether to go back together or onwards apart. This is a film about recapturing lost love, following your dreams, responsibility, modern life and cake.

Longing for a Kiss

Three strong female characters from three generations are all teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown. One wants to continue controlling the lives of her two daughters. Her eldest is in search of herself, and the youngest has centered all her hopes and dreams on having a baby.