2:00pm, SUNDAY, 9/24

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(Narrative, Canada)  A bullied, overweight teen is rescued by a manic single dad and together they set off into the city at night. At house parties, dive bars and backyard pools, with teenage crushes, estranged wives and daughters, Chris and Bobby come to know each other, and try not to lose themselves.

RATING: Intended for Mature Audiences (contains scenes of violence and sexuality, adult language and adult situations)

Director: Jesse Klein

Jesse Klein is a Montreal-born filmmaker and writer. His first feature film, Shadowboxing, premiered at the Rendez- vous du cinéma québécois and the Lone Star Film Festival. He is the senior contributor to This Recording and contributes to ION Magazine, Hammer to Nail, and IONCINEMA. Klein holds an MFA in Film and Video Production from The University of Texas at Austin, and is an Assistant Professor of Film and New Media at Middle Georgia State College. WE’RE STILL TOGETHER is his second feature film.