Thumb War!

4:45pm, Saturday, September 25th
(Narrative, United States, 57 minutes)
Christopher Guest would be proud of this mockumentary about competitive Thumb Wrestling!

One Moment

2:15pm, Saturday, September 25th
(Narrative, United States, 115 minutes)
A humorous, heartwarming story of middle-age siblings struggling to manage their own lives while also caring for their recently widowed aging father. Welcome to the “Sandwich Generation.”


10:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Narrative, Subtitled, Japan, 100 minutes)
Masa hires rental actress and aspiring dancer Kanako to pose as his fiancee to impress his estranged, terminally-ill father. But as his father’s death delays, Masa is forced to confront the spiraling web of lies and to learn to follow his heart.

Fires in the Dark

10:00am, Saturday, Sept. 25th
(Narrative, Subtitled, France, 90 minutes)
In a small 17th century village nestled between the sea and the mountains, fifteen year-old Alan is suddenly forced to begin supporting his mother and siblings after his father sells himself for two years of indentured servitude in an attempt to keep the family from starving.

A Beautiful Curse

9:00pm, Saturday, Sept. 26th
(Narrative, Denmark, 92 minutes)
A whole island affected by an unexplainable sleep phenomenon is closed off from the mainland.