Events Transpiring Before, During, and After a High School Basketball Game

Sunday, September 26th


Hickory Community Theatre

Directed by Ted Stenson

It’s 1999 and the Middleview Ducks high school basketball team are about to play the most low-stakes game of their lives. As the team prepares for another certain loss, the dramas around the game become more of a focus than the score. Pot-smoking, existentialism, radical theatre kid protests, and a dog on the loose, all unfold before, during, and after the high school basketball game.


Made possible by the Telefilm Talent to Watch program and the Alberta Media Fund.

Ted Stenson is a writer and filmmaker based out of Calgary, Alberta. He graduated from the MFA Theatre program at the University of Calgary with a degree in Playwriting. His movies and plays have been screened and staged across Canada and the United States. EVENTS TRANSPIRING BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER A HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL GAME is his first feature film.