Theirs is the Kingdom

7:00pm, Friday, September 25th
(Documentary, United States, 60 minutes)
A film examining the intersection of poverty and portraiture following the rare creation of a contemporary fresco mural inside the sanctuary of a small church in Asheville, NC.

Television Event

10:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 91 minutes)
Viewing the dramatic climax of the Cold War through the lens of a commercial television network through America’s most watched, most controversial made-for-TV-movie, THE DAY AFTER in 1983.

Missing in Brooks County

1:30pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 80 minutes)
Two families search for their loved ones who went missing in the vast ranch lands of Brooks County, Texas, the site of more migrant deaths than anywhere else in the country.

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story

10:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 96 minutes)
A timeless documentary adventure recounting the incredible life story of British-born Amazonian cowboy turned US TV star, Stan Brock, who sacrificed everything to bring free healthcare to people in need.

Do I Love You, Robot, Do I?

7:00pm, Friday, Sept. 24th
(Documentary, Russia, 60 minutes)
Scientists are trying to make robots as human-like as possible. But what will happen when they become indistinguishable from a person? And will they?