Friday, September 24th


Hickory Community Theatre

Directed by Julia Kiseleva

Anthropomorphic robots are increasingly being introduced into our lives: they meet us at the reception, educate children and even live in families as partners. Scientists are trying to make robots as human-like as possible. In the late 80s, scientists studying the emotional reaction of people to robots discovered the “uncanny valley effect”: the most humanoid robots caused dislike and even fear in people. But what will happen when they become indistinguishable from a person? And will they?

Julia Kiseleva, Film director, screenwriter, producer. The member of the Union of Cinematographers and the Guild of documentary film and TV of Russia. Finalist of “TEFI-region” award, “Headliner” award and triple finalist of “Lavr” award (Russia). Previous films have taken part in more than 70 film festival (in Russia, USA, China, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Egypt etc.) and received 50+ awards.