Reeves: A Home for Music

4:30pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Documentary, United States, 40 minutes)
Follows the people of a former tobacco and textile town in North Carolina as they transform an abandoned 1940s movie theater into a new music venue.


4:30pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Documentary, Israel, 23 minutes)
A film about two women living in Israel who left the ultra-orthodox community and the impact it had on their lives.

Martin Hill: Camera Man

4:30pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Documentary, United States, 30 minutes)
The story of an unlikely curator of iconic Hollywood film cameras for over 40 years.

On the Bit

6:30pm Friday, Sept. 27th
(Documentary, United States, 14 minutes)
Jenny is tasked with healing a wild American Mustang suffering from debilitating PTSD while also leading a team of fellow veterans into the spotlight of a high-stakes rodeo performance.

Penny Press

6:30pm Friday, Sept. 27th
(Documentary, United States, 5 minutes)
Tyler Tyson is a collector and designer of elongated coins, a.k.a pressed pennies. He owns and operates his own penny press machines.

Our Ingredients, Corn

6:30pm Friday, Sept. 27th
(Documentary, Subtitled, United States, 7 minutes)
Three Latinos come together to share flavors of their homeland, all of which include one central ingredient.

The Traffic Separating Device

6:30pm Friday, Sept. 27th
(Documentary, Sweden, 15 minutes)
A traffic separating device is installed in the middle of Stockholm. Tragic and funny situations occur and we follow the whole mess of human failures.