4:30pm SATURDAY, September 28th — Documentary Short Film Block

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(Documentary, Subtitled, Israel, 23 minutes)

Exit is a film about two women who left the ultra-orthodox community. Sara Murray became ultra-orthodox at the age of 17 when she moved to Israel from the US and met her future husband. She lived a strong religious and dedicated life before she couldn´t handle the rigidness of her faith any more. Leaving the ultra-othodox world she lost all her children, who she can now only meet 2 hours a week in a day care center watched by Rabbinical social workers.

Sarah meets Heidi, daughter of chairman of the United Torah Judaism Party. She was raised ultra-orthodox in Bnei Brak and married at the age of 17. Always wanting to escape the religious life she managed to get a divorce and to take her two kids with her. Today Heidi fights for womens rights especially within the religious community. She helps Sarah to reopen her case at the Rabbinical Court and eventually get the custody of her children.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older


Director: Katharina Woll

Katharina Woll was born 1984 in Munich. After her A-levels she lived in Quito, Ecuador for a few months, assisting the German documentary filmmaker Sigmund Thies. From 2004-2009 she studied Film and Theater Studies at the Friedrich- Alexander- University Erlangen, Ludwigs-Maximilian University Munich and the University of Buenos Aires. During her studies she worked for the Munich film production company DENKmal Film GmbH. She also worked for Perfect Shot Films Berlin as assistant director for “Knistern der Zeit – Christoph Schlingensief and his opera village”. In addition, she interned with Armin Petras at the Thalia Theater Hamburg and with René Pollesch at the Munich Kammerspiele. Since 2010 she has been studying Film Directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. Recently she has directed various short fictions and documentaries.