9:30pm, FRIDAY, 9/23 — “Night Gallery” Short Films  BUY TICKETS

A chimney sweep works on the roofs of Paris. A strange surprise goes out of the chimney. His life will be changed it for ever.

Director: Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

Nicolas Bianco-Levrin studied at the Duperré Art school in Paris and published his first book for children “Simon without nights” in 2002 for which he won the Graphic Octogone price from the International Center of Litterature for Children. Since that time, he published 25 books, using each time a new technic of illustration : picture in black and white or in color of rough models, drawings with acrylic or chinese ink. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin directed 27 animation films. He is now working on a new short : Une Histoire de Jeannot, produced by La Luna productions.