10:00am SUNDAY, September 30th — Narrative Short Film Block

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(Narrative, Subtitled, Germany, 23 minutes)

A Swedish couple is on a wellness trip in the Austrian mountains, but after an argument, Aron’s girlfriend leaves, and slams the door behind her. Now, Aron is looking for his girlfriend but can’t find her anywhere. He dives into the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort and drifts along until the question arises if Aron is looking for his girlfriend or really himself.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older


Director: Bernhard Wenger

Bernhard Wenger was born in 1992 in Salzburg, Austria. After graduating high school he moved to Vienna, where he studied film theory and gained professional set experience. He was accepted to the Vienna Film Academy in 2014 and is currently pursuing degrees in both directing and production.

Bernhard’s last short films have been screened and won awards at prestigious film festivals like Nashville Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, Uppsala Film Festival, Odense Film Festival, St. Louis Film Festival, Max Ophü ls Award, etc. He has won over 70 international awards and in 2015, received the Award for Art and Culture in his hometown. His short KEEPING BALANCE was released online as a Vimeo Staff Pick in November 2017.