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Beau Baker, a washed out ‘Occupy, Wall Street’ protester, is woken up on the streets of NYC with news that his parents died and that he must return home to Texas where his parents have left him in charge of his two teenage sisters and their estate. This sets Beau off on a journey to search for and find the strength to reunite with his sisters, his past and himself.

Intended for ages 13 & up (contains some adult themes)

Director: Jeff Barry

‘Occupy, Texas’ is Jeff’s first feature. Jeff has worked extensively as an actor, producer and director, graduating from the prestigious Yale Drama School with his Masters in Acting. As an actor, he’s appeared in The Company Men (with Tommy Lee Jones) The Last Harbor (with Wade Williams) Date Night (with Steve Carell) & Guiding Light, to name a few. His films include How We Got Away With It (2012) as well as the upcoming films Bridesburg (2016) and Fireworkers (2016).