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(Documentary, Germany, Subtitled)  It’s quite plain to 7 year old Nori: She is a girl, because she has a girl’s heart. But her body is that of a boy…

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Five years ago: Each and every day mother and son argue about what appears trivial: the colours of pants and shirts suddenly matter, soon all he agrees to wear are skirts and dresses, he likes to put barrettes in his still short hair. The neighbours start gossiping. Then one day, the boy reveals his favourite dream to his mum. A wizard will turn his penis into a vagina so he could be a “real” girl … It’s that day something comes to an end. It’s that day Josephin realises that she doesn’t have a son, that he had never existed – but that there is still a kid, a daughter. It becomes clear to her that she will have to break new ground to see her daughter grow up happily.

The documentary GIRL-HEARTED portrays young Nori and her mother’s conflict of enabling her daughter a life worth living out of the norm. A film about being a girl.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older

Director: Anne Scheschonk

Anne Scheschonk, born 1977, studied Media Sciences and Cultural Anthropology with focus on Visual Anthropology. She worked as an editorial assistant and set manager for TV productions. In 2011 she finished the Professional Media Master Class (PMMC) for documentary film in Halle/ Germany. Today, she works a freelance author and filmmaker. Her documentary works come up to people who are perceived as an „other“ and, therefore, often are socially stigmatized: the intellectually disabled mother, the transgender kid … Sensitive portraits of individuals that ask questions about identity point out to relevant issues of our times: inclusion, equal rights, transphobia. Together with her son, Anne Scheschonk lives in Halle (Germany).