9:30pm, FRIDAY, 9/23 — “Night Gallery” Short Films  BUY TICKETS

A young man on a missed errand finds himself at an ominous inn where he is lured into a mysterious and seductive world of dreams.

Director: Philippe Grenade XIV

Philippe Grenade XIV is an artist and storyteller working in illustration, photography and film. Born in the stiflingly preppy suburban outskirts of Washington DC to a Belgian mother and English father, he grew up drawing cartoons, playing in bands, and creating random acts of havoc and mischief. At age 20 he moved to New York City to study film at Brooklyn College where he met future producer/DP Jarret C. Egan. Soon they formed Fortune Films, a production company specializing in cinematic, and often dream-like, music videos, short films, and branded content. Grenade has written three feature length scripts about his own haunting archetypal experiences and currently spends his time reading, rummaging through abandoned buildings, analyzing his dreams and bringing the mysteries of the unconscious to his art.