6:30pm, FRIDAY, 9/22 — “Opening Night” Short Films

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Over the centuries caviar (i.e. – sturgeon eggs) was strictly reserved for Russian Czars and royalty throughout the world. Nowadays it’s become synonymous with wealth, fame, and indulgence. But why is that? What’s so special about caviar? “Caviar Dreams” delves into the complex world of caviar, weaving a tapestry of caviar tales that leaves you knowing more than you ever thought possible about this unique delicacy. Beyond the assumed glamour and luxury associated with caviar, we uncover a story about over-fishing, poaching, near extinction, and a quest for sustainability.

Directors: Brian Gersten, Wei Ying, and Liv Dubendorf

Brian Gersten, Wei Ying, and Liv Dubendorf are all graduates of Wake Forest University’s Documentary Film Program. “Caviar Dreams” is the product of their collaborative thesis project. Brian is an award-winning director who got his start at Kartemquin Films, and has worked in almost every facet of documentary film-making over the last five years. Liv started her career in reality television, before discovering her passion for documentary storytelling. Wei is originally from China and has worked in the documentary film industry in both her home country and the US.