10:00am SUNDAY, 9/30 — Narrative Short Films Block

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(Narrative, United States) After suffering a devastating breakup, Ashton is living as a shut-in and plotting to win back his ex. His roommate has other plans.

RATING: Intended for Teen Audiences or older


Director: Nico Aguilar & Taylor Martorana

Nico was born in Mexico City where his interest in film began at an early age visiting local film sets. Nico moved around a lot as a child, living in New York, Mexico City, Morelos, San Fransisco, and now Los Angeles. Inspired by his family friend, photographer Flor Garduño, he became obsessed with photography and painting. During High School, he worked for Trisha Ziff and Michael Nyman at 212 Berlin and then studied Directing Intensive under Michael Uno at USC. Nico graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in Film and Art History from Chapman University Dodge College. Today he works internationally as a music video, commercial, documentary, and feature film cinematographer. At the moment he is wrapping up “Stargate: Origins” for MGM and starting pre production on his next project. He loves blues, history, reading, and playing guitar.