We Have Reached The Moment

12:00pm, Saturday, September 25th
(Narrative, United States, 33 minutes)
A young man’s journey as he tries to explain to his climate-denying father the impacts of the climate crisis on their own disenfranchised communities.


10:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 12 minutes)
This short documentary is both an investigation into animal happiness and an intervention to improve one turtle’s life.

Seeding the Sea

7:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 5 minutes)
Lowell Godfrey has grown up in Placencia, and now has his own seaweed farm that he hopes will show other fishermen that they can make their livelihood in a sustainable way.

Pant Hoot

12:00pm, Saturday, September 25th
(Documentary, United States, 21 minutes)
A genocide survivor transcends overwhelming odds to become a master chimpanzee linguist.

Last Meal

7:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, Australia, 18 minutes)
Capital punishment simmers in a boiling pot of controversy. Amidst the political and religious debate surrounding the issue one thing sets tongues wagging more than the others… what do the condemned eat before their execution?

Just Over the Line

7:00pm, Friday, September 24th
(Documentary, United States, 11 minutes)
Daniel was arrested for drug trafficking in two adjacent North Carolina jurisdictions. This film examines the impact of North Carolina drug laws and the power of elected district attorneys in deciding the fate of individuals and communities.

Isolation Art – Recreating Masterpieces

7:00pm, Friday, Sept. 24th
(Documentary, Subtitled, Germany, 9 minutes)
Inspired by a Dutch instagram account, Katharina started recreating a piece of art every day with only things she could find in her little apartment in Berlin while in self-isolation.

Full Picture

7:00pm, Friday, Sept. 24th
(Documentary, United States, 12 minutes)
Santina has been in a wheelchair since she was six years old. With meetings, hangouts, and classes happening virtually due to the Coronavirus quarantine, she’s experiencing something new: Choosing when (or if) to disclose her disability.

Fog Likely Farm: An Appalachian Story

12:00pm, Saturday, Sept. 25th
(Documentary, United States, 28 minutes)
Susie Winters and David Sengel create a new life for themselves as artists and farmers and transform the farmhouse and land into a place of exquisite contentment and beauty called Fog Likely Farm

Finding Tyler

12:00pm, Saturday, Sept. 25th
(Documentary, United States, 20 minutes)
In August of 2003, Tyler Johnson was a prized scholar in theoretical physics. Months later he was homeless on the island of Corsica, a fugitive wanted by the FBI.