8 Slices

2:15pm Sunday Sept. 29th
(Narrative, United States, 83 min)
A struggling pizza parlor unknowingly hires an undercover YouTube star who’s notorious for his sarcastic viral videos. As he gets to know the staff the situation gets complicated.

The Rusalka

9:15pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Narrative, United States, 79 min)
In a story of myth, passion, and revenge a man searches a North Carolina lake for the monster that murdered his husband. Meanwhile that monster falls in love with an unsuspecting visitor.

Ode to Joy

7:15pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Narrative, United States, 97 min)
Based on a story from “This American Life”, Charlie struggles with acute narcolepsy brought on anytime he experiences joy. When he falls in love his life becomes extremely complicated.

Free Fight

10:00am Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Narrative, Netherlands, Subtitled, 45 min)
The strong bond between two MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter brothers is put under pressure after the sudden passing of their mother.

The Dancing Dogs of Dombrova

2:00pm Saturday, Sept. 28th
(Narrative, Canada, 102 min)
Estranged siblings Sarah and Aaron Cotler embark on a quest to fulfil their dying grandmother’s wish – find, dig up, and bring home the bones of her favourite childhood dog from Dombrova, Poland.

The Last Witness

12:30pm Friday, Sept. 27th
(Narrative, United Kingdom, 93 min.)
An ambitious journalist comes across a disturbing spate of suicides by Polish soldiers in this political thriller based on the harrowing true events of the Katyn Massacre in the Spring of 1940.