American Animals

7:00pm, Saturday, Sept. 29th
(Narrative, United States / United Kingdom)
Four young men mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history.

Saints Rest

2:30pm Saturday, Sept. 29th
(Narrative, United States)
A musical drama about two estranged sisters who form a connection through their shared love of music as they grieve the recent death of their mother.

In Blue

9:30pm Saturday, Sept. 29th
(Narrative, Netherlands, Subtitled)
A stewardess meets a fifteen year old boy who lives in the tunnels underneath the city and gets tangled up in a confusing relationship.

Fort Maria

1:00pm Friday, Sept. 28th
(Narrative, United States)
An immigrant and adoptive mother of a black daughter, Maria finds herself suddenly stricken with debilitating anxiety following a break-in at her home in Kentucky.

Don’t Talk to Irene

2:00pm Sunday, Sept. 30th
(Narrative, Canada)
Irene must endure two weeks of community service at a retirement home while following her passion for cheerleading.

The Best of All Worlds

10:00am Saturday, Sept. 29th
(Narrative, Austria, Subtitled)
A child’s true story of his life in the unusual world of his heroin addict mother and their love of each other.